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Rose Farmers Review 2024 → World's Finest Luxury Fresh Roses

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About Rose Farmers

Whether you enjoy collecting or need fresh flowers for a special occasion, Rose Farmers is here to help. They are committed to supplying luxurious roses for every special occasion.

Rose Farmers Review: About Rose Farmers

The collection includes beautiful, unique roses you won’t find anywhere else, curated by the world’s best and most renowned rose formers.

The beautiful flowers include all the classic favorites like red, white, and pink and other exotic colors like yellow, purple, or orange.

Even the brand works closely with its partners to develop and create new and innovative varieties throughout the seasons. All of which will consistently exceed and meet the standards of elegance and beauty.

They grow colorful blooms on land with more than 100K+ trees and preserved water reservoirs in South America.

Rose Farmers offers excellent service as a florist brand by making weekly arrangements or unique gifts genuinely affordable. They cut costs by delivering fresh flowers straight from the farm to your doorstep.

Superior for its complete arrangements and prices, the brand is featured in top publications such as CNN, Us Weekly, ABC America This Morning, New York Post, and others. They even have 17.9k admirers of their floral collections on Instagram.

Ready to dive into the flower fields? Rose Farmers review will take you to see its beauty, so stay with us!

Overview of Rose Farmers

Rose Farmers grows various beautiful flowers on countless rich farmlands in South America. They work with experts and breeders who thoroughly study thousands of rose varieties yearly.

The brand even set the standard for its collections to produce luxury roses across the market. The most exquisite assortment of luxury roses comes from the brand’s commitment to displaying beautiful and unique characteristics in its collections. 

No wonder since its establishment, the brand has become a leading online retailer of high-quality luxury roses. They aim to present their clients with premium roses of the highest quality, ideal for any occasion.

Interested in learning more about their collections? Before finding out more, check out these Rose Farmers’ pros and cons:


  • Offers a wide variety of flowers ranging from fresh roses, lilies to tropical flowers
  • A collection of beautiful flowers with attractive colors
  • Curated by the world’s best and most renowned rose formers
  • Planted on fertilized land with advanced technology and irrigation systems
  • Beautiful luxury roses with unique characters
  • High quality, ideal for various occasions
  • Affordable price
  • Fast delivery with secure packaging


  • For freshness reasons, the brand doesn’t offer international shipping
  • Free shipping is currently unavailable
  • All sales are final. So, there are no returns

Rose Farmers Review

The brand is a roses shop that sells a variety of colorful blooms, such as fresh roses, lilies, and more. They also have the option to add a vase or greenery as a pretty decoration or a meaningful gift.

Rose Farmers Reviews: Rose Farmers Review

You can shop for elegant, simple, beautiful bouquets, including Sympathy & Celebration Bouquets, Tropical & Dried, and exclusive wedding flower collections.

But its popular products are lovely roses blooming beautifully and ready to be yours. So, what are their rose collections?

Rose Farmers Products

With so many options, perhaps the top 3 bestsellers will give you an idea. Without further ado, let’s start with the first review!

Rose Farmers Red Romantic Long Stem Roses Reviews

Who doesn’t know red roses? One of the most popular flowers in the world is often used as a symbol of romance. This type of flower is usually used as a gift on various occasions.

Rose Farmers Review: Rose Farmers Red Romantic Long Stem Roses Reviews

Red Romantic Long Stem Roses can be chosen as a gift for your loved ones. This exquisite collection of red roses symbolizes passion as well as conquering love.

The vivid red color with fresh leaves and thornless stalk will be the perfect decoration. You can add a pretty vase like the Modern Deco or Tinted Vase.

The most popular classic rose is perfectly packaged into a bouquet, capsule showcase, or in showcase box that will give an elegant look.

The brand also offers several embellishments to complete your bouquets, such as Teddy Bear, Ruscus Leaves, Beaby’s Breath, and more. This comes in several stalks at different prices.


  • 12 Roses: $64.88
  • 24 Roses: $82.88
  • 48 Roses: $102.88
  • 96 Roses: $148.88

Rose Farmers Because of You Bouquet Reviews

Whether you are a flower lover or not, the beauty of tropical flowers is undeniable. Tropical flowers with more colors, scents, and sizes will make everyone fall in love.

Rose Farmers Review: Rose Farmers Because of You Bouquet Reviews

Growing tropical flowers is no easy feat, so this would make a special and meaningful gift. Especially if you live in a cold region, the presence of this flower is very rare.

Because of You Bouquet is the right choice if you are looking for a beautiful tropical flower gift. It combines tropical flowers and will be the best gift to show your love at any celebration.

One Bouquet includes:

  • Anthurios
  • Ginger Red 
  • Ginger Pink
  • Lettuce Fern
  • Heliconia Sassy
  • Palma Flecha
  • Eucaliptos doll
  • Codelines
  • Croto Pecoso
  • Diafembancha
  • Tip Bronce

You can decorate this beautiful tropical plant combination by adding a Clear Glass Vase or Yute Bag with various other decorations.

In addition, the brand offers several complements that you can choose from, such as Pampas Grass Pink, showcase box, and many more.

You can get and enjoy its beauty for only $86.88. However, before purchasing, Tropical arrangements require a 5 to 7-day lead time. So, make sure to order well before the day you need it.

Rose Farmers Elegant Lilies Reviews

Lilies are one of the summer flowers commonly referred to as Lilium. This flower grows from a bulb and has a beautiful appearance, long, wide, and thin petals. It also has a prominent pistil, bright green leaves, and an extended slender stalk.

Rose Farmers Review: Rose Farmers Elegant Lilies Reviews

Originating from West Asia and the Mediterranean, its beauty was well-known worldwide, even in ancient Greece.

Elegant Lilies is a graceful and exotic collection that creates beautiful bouquets for that special someone in your life.

This flower has an assortment of attractive colors that make your special someone feel at home looking at it for a long time. Moreover, its delicate classic scent excites the recipient and won’t let go.

The popular and easy-to-find lily has many fans because of its graceful beauty.

It symbolizes devotion or a sign of good fortune and successful business. So, besides being perfect as a romantic gift because of its beauty, it is also a great choice for your boss, coworkers, or clients.

Just like the red rose product, this also consists of several options for the number of bulbs at different prices.


  • 10 – 12 Bulbs: $64.88
  • 16 – 18 Bulbs: $79.88
  • 22 – 26 Bulbs: $84.88

Last, you should know that the color may vary based on the order. Brands also don’t guarantee to be a specific color. Even some color options may be limited depending on inventory levels.

Who is Rose Farmers For?

There are no restrictions for anyone who wants to buy, own or love flowers. People who choose or decide to buy flowers have various reasons. Either flower lovers and collectors, or they want to give them to others as gifts.

Rose Farmers Review: Who is Rose Farmers For?

As an online florist, Rose Farmers offers freshly cut flowers for any occasion or celebration. You can order its collection of flowers in various packaging ranging from bouquets or showcase boxes as the perfect gift.

The collections benefit business people who want to give clients or business partners gifts. The beauty and freshness of the flowers are also perfect for loved ones, mothers, or friends.

Besides, the fresh flowers are perfect for wedding events and bring the best experience for the bride, groom & guests to enjoy their special day.

The brand even has a subscription that delivers fresh flowers to your home or others every month. Rose Farmers is an easy and affordable option for those buying flowers.

Rose Farmers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To make you feel more confident about your purchase, we have included testimonials from customers who have left real reviews on its official website. We prepared 3 reviews that we hope can be your consideration before deciding to buy.

Rose Farmers Review: Rose Farmers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So, let’s start with the first review!

This first review comes from a customer who gave a 5-star rating on her purchase. She was very happy with everything, including the fresh quality of the roses, the excellent durability, and the friendly and approachable formers. She said:

The very best fresh roses in the United States can only be found from Rose Farmers. The rose growers are also approachable and friendly. These flowers can stay fresh for around 2 to 3 weeks. Absolutely beautiful.

Another glowing review:

The roses are wonderful, large, bouncy, and blooming. Better yet, they’re durable and long-lasting, with simple shipping and secure packaging. What’s not to love?

She is happy when she receives her flower because it has safe packaging and the best delivery. Therefore, she gets quality, big, blooming, beautiful, and bouncy flowers. Moreover, her flowers are durable and long-lasting, making her even more happy.

Lastly, this review comes from a customer who was also pleased with the beauty of the roses he received. He gave them to his wife and mother with confidence because the quality of the roses was perfect.

Placed an order for the most gorgeous roses from Rose Farmers for my wife and mom for Mother’s Day, and well, I’ll tell you, they’re truly perfect!

In short, Rose Farmers proves that shopping for flowers online is a pleasure. They prove it with fresh and beautiful flower quality, long-lasting fresh flowers, safe packaging, and fast delivery.

Is Rose Farmers Worth It?

Rose Farmers understands how challenging it can be to shop for flowers online, which is why they have come to market as an online flower shop that offers a wide selection of unique fresh rose arrangements at affordable prices.

Rose Farmers Review: Is Rose Farmers Worth It?

Its fresh floral collections come in a wide range of beautiful colors. You can find all the classic favorites like red, white, and pink and even branch out into more exotic colors like purple, yellow, and orange.

Not only that, but the brand also works with the world’s most renowned rose formers. So, they can create fresh blooming buds and unique varieties, such as David Austin roses and tropical flowers that are hard to find anywhere else.

The brand guarantees that the quality of the flowers is excellent as they grow them on land with over 100k+ trees and a sophisticated irrigation system to ensure efficient water use.

After successfully creating and producing beautiful and fresh flowers, they deliver fresh-cut flowers and roses directly from the farm to your home.

They have flower orders as quickly as possible by using safe packaging and putting them in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. Overall, we conclude that Rose Farmers is a worthy online florist

Rose Farmers Shipping Policy

As we know, fresh flowers don’t have much time to stay fresh. That’s why the brand is very careful about shipping. They can only ship to any address in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

The brand ships its flowers directly from farms in South America with care and packs them into shipping boxes for safety. All their flowers are shipped refrigerated to ensure the freshness of the roses.

Rose Farmers deliver as quickly as possible to keep the flowers fresh. They offer a delivery time of 3 days for roses and 2 days for tropical flowers.

Then, how much is the shipping cost? Shipments except Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day are charged a flat rate of $17.88. Kindly check the official website to get the free shipping offer.

Rose Farmers Return Policy

Since all purchases are final sales, you cannot return them. However, the brand stands behind its amazing products. So, they ensure you will not be disappointed when you receive them.

However, sometimes things can go wrong. So, if the product you receive is not suitable or damaged, please send photos within 3 days of receipt for review.

They will do their best to come up with a solution for you. Check the refund policy page for detailed information.

How To Contact Rose Farmers

Are you having trouble taking care of your roses? Contact a rose specialist via email at [email protected]. Or, you can fill in the blank form by clicking the Contact Us button on the site.

Although they don’t have a phone number you can call, their team will reply and contact you as soon as possible. Customer service is available 7 days a week to help with your needs.

If you want to know all the latest updates about the brand, visit its social media:

  • Facebook: RoseFarmers
  • Instagram: rosefarmers

Where to buy Rose Farmers?

Customers who want high-quality roses should visit the Rose Farmers online store. You can also get them at retailers like Groupon for another online purchase option.

Unfortunately, as an online florist, there are no ‘near me’ store locations that you can visit or are close to you. Nevertheless, the brand offers worry-free shopping for its flowers online.

Rose Farmers Coupon Codes & Promos

Don’t miss the discount offer that you can claim for your purchase. You can get $30 off your purchase by giving a referral code to your friend to claim $30 off.

In addition, the brand also grants a 100% Discount at Checkout for T-Mobile Winners. Add discounted items for T-Mobile winners and enjoy the offer.

We also recommend you subscribe to their newsletter to get information about deals or coupon codes you can claim when purchasing. Or click the button below to get exciting discount codes just for you!

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Rose Farmers

Rose Farmers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Rose Farmers reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Rose Farmers?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information on the brand ownership. However, we did find information that Rose Farmers LLC is a Florida-based company.

How does Rose Farmers work?

The brand will deliver every rose they grow that is handpicked with careful packaging and shipping. They deliver roses straight from the garden to your doorstep with the fastest possible delivery time.

Where is Rose Farmers located?

Rose Farmers is located at 19495 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 300, Aventura, FL, 33180, USA.

Does Rose Farmers ship internationally?

Yes, they do. The brand ships its products from farms in South America throughout the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Rose Farmers Reviews & Ratings

Buying fresh flowers online may be worrying. But, thanks to online florist Rose Farmers, purchasing fresh flowers online is now easy and possible.

Fresh flowers delivered straight from the farm to your doorstep with secure packaging and fast delivery ensures that your flowers arrive fresh. The beautiful collection of flowers curated by experts ensures that the quality of the flowers is very high. There will be no disappointment in your purchase. Prove it now!


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